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in the soul
Hello you! ^^ My name is Mikaely, born on September 08, 1991. Brazilian. I really love music, can't do anything without listening to something, and I, actually, can listen to every type of music; if it haves a great beat and lyric, I'll like it for sure whenever the style. For me, the world wouldn't me the world, without music. Besides that, I'm into singing, drawing, sleeping (yes, I'm veeery lazy sometimes), horror movies (specially the asian ones), asian culture, cold tea & Smirnoff Ice, candies & pizza, rpg, Internet, Fanfiction, Disney for life. ♥ Actually I'm living with my mother, my old poodle Jessy, my cute baby-cat Heebummie (yes, just like HeeChul's!) and our female parrot without a name. lol My number one dream, I guess, is to turn myself into a veterinarian doctor, since I like animals above humans since I was born. :) Can't even think about dying without realizing this, it's like my mission of life.

in the heart
I have many bias, to tell the truth. The top of my list is Reita, the GazettE's bass (a japanese rock band, if you don't know them), and then Ruki, their vocalist. Besides they being my favorite band/group EVER too, I love the pairing Reituki. Then, there's HeeChul and DongHae from Super Junior, JongHyun from SHINee, the solo singer IVY (God, this woman is fabulous!), and YunHo from TVXQ (the best leader of the world. lol). Everyone of them is, actually, my top bias, but I guess there's others since I like a lot of groups, bands and solo artists, too. But they're the principal. Plus all this, I'm a self-proclaimed YunJae (YunHo x JaeJoong couple, from TVXQ) believer, since, for me, they're very REAL and I really think about them as a couple; not friends or brothers, but lovers. :) Real lovers.

in the mind
Neither the CSS layout codes or profile codes are mine! The layout was made by the awesome community milou-veronica, and the profile was by refuted, so I leave the credits for them, here! If one of the userpics I'm using actually was made by you, please, don't hesitate to tell me so I can credit you properly too. :) Since I've saved all of it some time ago, I don't remember the original owners, so I'm sorry for that. Links to find & follow me are on my livejournal as you all can see; if you're gonna add me on some of them, please, let me know first who are you, so I can add you back and not just ignore your existence and be rude by that. :( Thank you! ♥

My other half, YunHo... I love you.
─ Kim JaeJoong.